A Series of Collaborative
Art Works + Practice Spaces

Facilitated by
Color Coded x Stop LAPD Spying Coalition


Part Three

Thursday, December 20, 2018 @ 3 PM
Los Angeles Community Action Network

The LAPD is spying on our communities. They use tools like Automatic License Plate Readers, CCTVs, and Field Interview cards to spy on us. All information gathered about us through spying is analyzed in rooms known as a Community Safety Operation Centers (CSOC).

Mayor Eric Garcetti, wants four CSOCs in all of Los Angeles. Two already exist: Central Bureau at Central Station, and South Bureau at 77th Station. On Dec 18, 2018, the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners approved the budget for another CSOC to be installed in the West Bureau.

We demand that LAPD #ShutdownCSOC and #StopSpyingOnLA!

In Part 1 & 2 of #EmbodyAbolition #BuildManyWorlds, we came together and held space for abolition practices and visions, and to imagine abolition technologies. Our series also examined how data collected by the #StalkerState is used as #CarceralTech to cause alienation and incarceration.

Today, we continue centering community experiences while exposing, informing, and building power to dismantle LAPD’s “Community Safety Operation Centers” (CSOCs). We demand an end to #CarceralTechnolgoies in LA!

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Part Two

Thursday, November 29, 2018 @ 6 PM

Southern California Library

Abolition is possible. It takes practice. In this installment of the #EmbodyAbolition #BuildManyWorlds series, we examine how data collected by the #StalkerState is used as a carceral technology to cause alienation and incarceration. As we dive deeper into carceral tech, we will also explore using art as an abolition technology through dialogue, storytelling, and movement.

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Part One

Thursday, October 25, 2018 @ 7 PM
Southern California Library

Yes, we are suspect. We are suspect because we live in the Stalker State: a carefully designed and operational apparatus aimed at criminalizing and controlling communities that are neither white nor wealthy. We are suspect because we are: Black. Brown. Indigenous. Muslim. Trans. Femme. Queer. Other.

According to Stop LAPD Spying Coalition’s 2018 report, “Before The Bullet Hits The Body: Dismantling Predictive Policing in Los Angeles,” the LAPD “has developed a massive Architecture of Surveillance which includes (but is not limited to) Stingrays, trapwires, HD cameras, body cameras, and Suspicious Activity Reports to accomplish its task of data collection to spy on Black, Brown, and poor communities.” The report goes on to highlight how benign activities like “taking notes, videography, using binoculars, and drawing in public… are seen as potential behaviors that will lead to a criminal or terrorist activity.” We demand an end to this. We demand the abolition of the Stalker State: surveillance, policing, and prisons.

Art is a powerful technology to use towards the abolition of Surveillance, policing, and prisons. Color Coded and Stop LAPD Spying Coalition have come together to collaborate on #EmbodyAbolition #BuildManyWorlds: a series of artworks and spaces that investigate what embodying abolition looks like in practice. It will serve as a catalyst for dismantling the Stalker State while simultaneously creating space for imagining a different world; for building many worlds as alternatives to the one we live in today.

Suspect Bodies / Bodies In Resilience” is part one of this series. It is an audio/visual installation that is part performance, part presentation, and part practice space. It intends to let participants investigate how their bodies intersect with the Stalker State: both as a possible target of it and as a possible proponent of it. Our bodies might be suspect, but they also power our resilience. So we ask: “How do you embody abolition? In your work? In your life?”

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